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Integrative Health Centers of Towson is Open!

Our new acupuncture location in Towson is open for business as of Monday, November 3rd. Bill Zvarick is seeing acupuncture patients Monday through Saturday in his shiny new treatment rooms. Christina Rutheiser is doing nutritional consultations by appointment in our new consultation room. Dr. Loeliger is providing a new service for our patients involving […]

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back to nature

I recently encountered a British study which found that “people felt happier, less tense, and more energized after taking a walk outside compared with walking indoors.” My first reaction was: so they need a study to find this out? Have we become so out of touch that we need to be told it’s a […]

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Towson Is Moving Along

Construction is well underway and we are on time to open  by November 1st. We will be seeing acupuncture patients in Towson starting on Monday November 3rd. I will be posting some dates for a grand opening and a few open houses in the next week or so. We will also be starting enrollment […]

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Towson here I come

I’ve been telling everyone for a long time about this Towson thing, and now there’s a date, November 1. I’ll be moving my practice to York Green off the beltway. The space is awesome! And although I’ve come to like the cave-like, peaceful feel of our treatment rooms here in Carney, the fact that Towson […]

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Towson Location Opening November 1st

It’s finally official, we will be moving to York Green, which is at 1300 York Road. This is just north of the beltway at York Road, across from the Peppermill restaurant. We will be in Building B, Suite #149 which is the entire bottom floor of building B. We are excited about the new […]

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Heading To A Back Seminar Next Week

I’m going out to Colorado next Friday for another seminar with Matt Callison. This one is in Boulder,CO but it should be worth the trip. The Friday portion is a cadaver lab with an anatomy intensive to help improve acupuncture point location accuracy. Saturday and Sunday will consist of lower back and leg injuries […]

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Sorry about the long delay between posts!

Had my second baby on 5/27 and have been really busy adjusting to the new routine. We have been working hard on opening our second acpuncture location in Towson and are coming close to signing a lease in the next few days. Our plan is to open October 1st and offer our patients some […]

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Why Does Rainy and Cold Weather Hurt?

I would say the majority of my patients experience an increase in pain when the weather is rainy and cold. Patients who suffer from arthritic conditions are famous for experiencing increased pain when the weather turns, sometimes you can use them as weather forecasters as they seem to know a storm is coming before […]

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Is it sinusitis or is it a migraine?

Many of my headache patients tell me: “I didn’t have a migraine last week, but I did have a sinus headache”. In my experience actual sinus headaches are rare. This is because migraines can cause a generalized swelling in the entire cranial cavity, including the lining of the sinuses. The symptoms are indeed in the sinuses, […]

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5. Sleep 7-8 Hours Per Night

Of course we would all love to sleep peacefully every evening for 7-8 hours but how many people actually pull it off? There are things to be done, thoughts to distract us and late night TV to catch up on. The old cliche ” there just aren’t enough hours in the day” well I […]

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