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Date Change: April 18 Lecture now on May 9

Just wanted to let you know about (and apologize for) the change we had to make in our lecture schedule. The April 18th Weight Management lecture, which focuses on digestion, will now be held on Saturday May 9th, still from 11am to 1pm. The other two lectures will stay as scheduled — May […]

The Importance of Water

Despite recent news reports claiming that drinking water is overrated (or that you can get enough water from your food), natural health practitioners are fairly unanimous in their belief that keeping properly hydrated is one of the best, easiest, and least expensive ways to stay in good health.
The body is 60-70% water and […]

Manage Your Health, Manage Your Weight

A Lecture Series at the Integrative Health Center in Lutherville, MD

Holistic Nutritionist Christina Rutheiser will present a lecture series at the Integrative Health Center in Lutherville, MD on three Saturdays from 11am to 1pm: May 2, May 9, and May 16. The talks will focus on how with proper nutrition one can […]

Great grains!

We Americans tend to eat a lot of wheat products even though 20% of us are likely intolerant to gluten (the protein in wheat, rye, barley and triticale). It is easy to get into a rut while trying to incorporate whole grains into one’s diet. Who wants to eat brown rice every day? Not […]

Sweet, Nothings! 2: How NOT to Eat Sugar*

OK, so the very best way to NOT eat sugar is to exercise portion control, right? If we don’t eat it, if we eat less, if we skip the treats for today… so much the better. How else can we avoid the white stuff?

I don’t recommend using artificial sweeteners such as Splenda, Sweet-n-Low, Equal, Nutrasweet […]

Sweet, Nothings!  Part 1: How to Eat Sugar*

This weekend we had a wonderful Grand Opening and were delighted to see some familiar and some new faces. We enjoyed some tasty treats and I think a few people were surprised to see some sweets among the offerings. Sugar is not a health food by any standard—it is an addictive substance which creates […]

A holistic way to think about nutrition

We all know we should eat more leafy green vegetables, cut down on sugar, get more fiber, and drink more water. But is this really the only way to achieve optimal health with nutrition?  It is possible to eat  as if one is a walking nutrition textbook, but terribly isolating and difficult to maintain. […]