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Back to School Brain Food: Healthy Lunches

Time to get back into our routines and turn those brains back on. Whether you are packing lunches for your kids or yourself, here are my best tips for maximizing brain power and avoiding late afternoon energy slumps.

Choose whole grains over refined carbohydrates. Bread or crackers with whole grains and seeds provide fiber (keeping […]

Is vegetarianism/veganism a good diet?

Only if—and this is key—you actually eat a lot of vegetables. Vegetarianism is not a good weight management strategy if you are a pasta-tarian. Excessive carbohydrates, especially refined ones, lead to increased fat stores. Another reason it can be hard to lose weight on a vegetarian diet is the need for essential […]

Should I go Raw?

The idea behind the Raw Food Diet is that by eating foods in their natural (uncooked) state, we maximize intake of nutrients and enzymes. Most of us could improve our health by eating more raw vegetables and fruits. But should you consider going 50%, 75%, or even 90% raw? Here is my opinion:

Pros: […]

Am I in “The Zone”? Should I try to be?

The Zone Diet was created by biotech researcher Barry Sears, PhD. He recommends a diet which consists of 30% protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbohydrates. The focus on the diet is on improving metabolism, especially for enhanced athletic performance. But is it for you? Here are the pros and cons as I see […]

Protein, part 2: What kind is best?

What sources of protein are best? In terms of amino acid balance, the best sources are eggs, quinoa, soybeans, meat, fish, beans and lentils. In addition, many nuts, seeds, and vegetables like green beans, peas, corn, asparagus, brussells sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, okra, and broccoli have good levels of protein—these are best eaten with a […]

Protein, part 1: How much do I need?

Protein needs are a matter of debate among health practitioners. Your individual needs will be a matter of biochemical individuality—and will be largely determined by how well you digest and assimilate the protein that you ingest.

Why do I need protein? Protein is crucial for balancing hormones, antibody production in the immune system, skin […]

Sweet, Nothings!  Part 1: How to Eat Sugar*

This weekend we had a wonderful Grand Opening and were delighted to see some familiar and some new faces. We enjoyed some tasty treats and I think a few people were surprised to see some sweets among the offerings. Sugar is not a health food by any standard—it is an addictive substance which creates […]